Janine Kell of On Track Marketing working at Whilton Mill Karting Circuit with laptop sat in a window.

Janine Kell

From the dynamic tracks of Junior Rotax, where my son James races with passion, to the boardrooms of diverse industries, my journey is fueled by a love for competition and excellence. My entry into the world of motorsport began in 2019, parallel to James’s karting adventure, steering my expertise into a realm where speed and strategy blend seamlessly.

At On Track Marketing, the engines roar beyond the racetrack. My experience isn’t confined to motorsport; it spans across nutrition, fashion, car sales, construction, and engineering clients, offering a rich tapestry of insight and creativity.

My voyage in business development and branding took flight in 2014 with the inception of a product-based enterprise that I nurtured and then successfully sold in 2019. The marketing skills honed there were further sharpened through my role in steering an international baby brand’s marketing strategy, navigating the challenging waters of Brexit, and orchestrating their pivotal Black Friday and festive campaigns. This journey was crowned with the formulation of a robust 3-year product roadmap, paving the way for future growth.

With an anchor in tactical marketing and a compass set to innovation, I’m here to chart the course for your brand’s digital odyssey. Whether it’s crafting the sharpest marketing strategies or designing the sleekest web experiences, my mission is to ensure your brand not only competes but triumphs.

Ready to shift gears and accelerate your digital presence? Let’s drive your brand to the podium.


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